Dockspace breakroom

What is Dockspace?

Dockspace is a breakroom service provider that supplies coffee, snacks, beverages and equipment to recharge your team. We thrive on exceptional customer service and hands-free inventory management to make the job of creating a well-stocked breakroom effortless on your part.

Why Choose Us?

Dockspace knows that quality coffee does exist for the office. We work with local Chicago roasters and deliver freshly roasted coffee for every budget. We seek out modern breakroom equipment—like automatic espresso machines, large capacity brewers, sparkling water machines, and kegerators—and recommend the best machines for your office needs.

Food doesn’t go to waste when you partner with Dockspace. While our competitors use outdated pen and paper systems to track your inventory, we use the latest tech to stay up to date on your stock quantities. We manage your inventory while giving you the power to change quantities at any time. 

Modern breakroom equipment