We work with local Chicago vendors and regional suppliers to constantly add to our list of products and services. Below are some of our ever-evolving breakroom pantry options:

Chicago Office Coffee Machine

This office coffee solution is for those that want café quality coffee made right in the office. We program the coffee machine to brew the correct amount for your team.  Add a coffee grinder and you have an one two punch for the best coffee in your building.

If you want coffee roasted within miles from your office, look no further. We work with large and small Chicago coffee roasters and will deliver coffee roasted to your office so fresh you’ll think we’re roasting in our delivery trucks.

We also provide automatic brewing solutions that produces coffee at a push of a button.  Many now offer hands free ordering to create a safe way to make coffee in the office.

Syrups, cups, creamers, and stir sticks are just some products to help boast the office breakroom.

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SNACKS!!!!! We have a wide range of snacks to satisfy the office. Vegan, Nut Free, Gluten, or just plain guilty pleasures snacks are in our catalog. We work with your offices culture and curate a snack program to fit your needs.

We can provide your office with nice looking snacks shelving and displays to help with the flow of the office breakroom. Why let those healthy protein bars sit at the bottom of a cabinet.

Have a remote team? We offer snack boxes that can be delivered to an employees home.  These snack boxes can be configured with any quantity or type of snacks.  We mail throughout the united states.

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Office Kegerators excite the office with its many options available. Office Kegs of cold brew or kombucha are a fraction of the cost that cafes and retail stores sell them for.

We work with large and small Chicago coffee roasters who brew delicious tasting cold brew on demand. The office has an option of choosing regular cold brew or can kick it up a notch with NITRO cold brew.

Whether leasing or owning a kegerator, we can service, clean, and maintain the kegerator.

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We have water systems for hot and cold water. These machines are set up with a filter to ensure high quality for your team.

Our sparkling water machines not only give you hot and cold, but gives you a boast of bubbles for those that like the taste or want to cut back on soda drinks.