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How A Breakroom Can Attract Candidates

Can Your Breakroom Attract the Best Candidates?

There are obvious ways that your company can attract top talent. Above market salaries,
excellent benefits, and generous vacation policies go a long way with prospective employees,
but they’re just the first steps. The best candidates look for signs that your company’s culture is
above par. In addition to your people and your policies, the space you inhabit is a significant
component of your culture. The breakroom is a perfect place to exemplify your culture because
it can be designed in a way that lets your company’s personality shine. Luckily, there are simple
ways that you can use your breakroom to show candidates that your company is a fantastic
place. Here are some of the reasons why your breakroom will help you find the best people:

It Demonstrates Investment

How your company treats its office is a good indicator of how it treats its people. If a potential
recruit looks around the breakroom and sees nothing but a dirty mini fridge and a raggedy
coffeemaker, it’s easy to conclude that the company doesn’t care about how they treat their
employees. Conversely, a well-stocked breakroom that’s full of healthy and delicious snacks and
drinks shows that you care about your team and want to give them the best.

It Creates Work/Life Balance

Today’s best candidates are hard workers, but they also want to keep things in perspective to
avoid burnout. Since long hours are often a part of life for high caliber talent, it’s important to
show that even when they’re at work, they have ample opportunities to socialize and blow off
steam. Taking a break is essential to maintaining productivity levels, and a well-designed and
fully stocked breakroom will show candidates that mindfulness and fun are encouraged.

It Emphasizes Autonomy

No one likes to be micromanaged, especially your highest performers. If a candidate tours your
office and observes that everyone is chained to their desks or scrutinized by taskmasters, they’ll
run for the door. Avoid this by creating dedicated space for your team to step away from their
work to socialize and unwind on their schedule. That way, when a prospective new hire tours
your office, they’ll be able to see that your company trusts its employees to manage their own

Your office is more than an address; it’s a recruiting tool. It can be a way to attract the most
qualified people or drive them away. Finding the best people is always a challenge, but there
are actionable steps you can take today that will set you apart from the crowd. A simple way to
show candidates that your company is an amazing place to work is by providing high-quality,
local, and exclusive snacks and beverages. Send us a message today and we’ll show you how
our customizable breakroom services will have a significant impact on prospective employees.

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